Oneida Stake Academy

Palmer, Hall, Yaussi, Rawlings, Dorigatti, Keller, Johnson, Krahn

Girl’s Basketball Team, 1938

1912-13 Oneida Stake Academy Class Champs:  1. M.  Neeley, 2.  N. J. Barlow, 3, Kenneth Smith;  4, Clyde Packer, Coach; 5. A. Calder, Manager;; 6.  L. P. Carver; 7. V. D. Stevenson; 8. L. Cole.

1914 Oneida Stake Academy Class Champs

Fairview – Ball games and horse races were afternoon sports.  At one time a race track was fixed up west of Fairview and some remember that many a race was run down the street from the church house corner—west.  (From Early History of Fairview, Idaho, Sarah Mar Camp of Daughters of Utah Pioneers, p. 11)


Captain, End

1917 Oneida Stake Academy Basketball Team

1921 Oneida Stake Academy Basketball Team (no names listed)

Oneida Stake Academy Basketball Team, circa 1917-1920 

Winder Girls Softball Team


Basketball Team and Cheerleader of 1959-1960.; back row Dennis Cole, Michael Cabutti, Tony Condie, Monte Moser, Ronny Randall; front row, Jed Dunkley, Clive Hull, Nancy Poole, Joyce Cole, Douglas Wyatt

Linrose Ward Softball Team that played the summer of 1962.

Row 1: Royce Poulsen, Kirk Bastian.  Row 2:  Robert Bingham, J. Henry Olsen, Bishop Perth Poulsen, Coach Roland Hobbs, Paul Stevenson. Row 3: Dennis Hobbs, Morus Gunnell, Paul Bingham, DeVerl Maughn, Brent Checketts, Stanley Bingham.

Back Row: Beth Talbot, Virginia Warrick, Cleo Talbot, Lorine Swainston

Front Row: Imogene Bright, Connie Jean Snith, Viva Swainston, Verneal Taylor, Syble Wells, Shirley Dean Stocks

(From Winder Idaho Yellow Brick School House, p. 39)

​Whitney – Horseback riding was considered the greatest sport of all for quite a number of years.  Baseball was a favorite sport which was enjoyed Saturday afternoons on the Public Square where our beautiful park is now located.[1]

Oxford-Clifton-Dayton – In the early days, men gathered at the telegraph office to “listen” to the matches over the wire.
Roy Helmandollar from Oxford – My brother Arnold was a pitcher, Rudy was the catcher, and a darn good one, Herman at second base, and I played center field and first base.  Arnold, nick-named Bull, had quite a fast ball, I’d guess between 95 to 100 miles an hour.    Ralph usually played with a steak in one hand, and when he’d take his mask off he’d have a couple of black eyes from being in a rumble somewhere.  For one game we went to Clifton in our tennis shoes and overalls.  The Clifton team had full uniforms.  They were all dressed up and we were just dressed as farm boys.  We beat their butts.  The most fun game I remember was when we played Mink Creek.  Ralph and me raided Lew and Viola’s attic.  She had been a hat maker.  We wore all sorts of turn of the century era hats to that game.  We wore huge hats, hats with large feathers, and some small pill box hats.  We beat Mink Creek too.

      We used to have M-Men tournaments at the grade school gymnasium in Dayton.  M-Men were ages 16-25.  We had volleyball and softball teams called Vanball for the 12-15 years olds in Mutual.  All the ward teams played each other.  Some towns, like Preston, had two or three teams.  Logan had five or six.  Oxford had one.[2]

Parker Carver and Lon Miller, circa 1920


Players, l to r:  ____ Morgan, Henry Hatch, Lionel Croshaw, Lloyd Wilson, Ezra Olson.  Front:  Roy Lewis, Ernest Olson, Lee Fisher.

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Neil Nelson, 1920 Oneida Stake Academy Football Team

Necia Seamons

Howard Nielson, Glen Nielson Wrestling Picture

Dan Ralphs, 1978-1979 Westside Boys Basketball Pictures

Tammy Braegger, Bowling Picture

Doug Webb, 1990 “Seconds Away From Championship” Picture

Elsie Bastian, 1946 Weston High Championship Team Picture

Dennis Webster, 1969 Preston High School Boys Basketball Picture

Jeff Sessions, Preston High School Media Center Pictures, Yearbook Pictures

Jeri O’Brien, 2011 Girls Volleyball Championship Team Picture

Chris White, 1999 Westside Girls Volleyball Championship Team Picture

Tyson Moser, Westside Track and Football Championship Pictures

Linda Smith and Kristy Thornley, Westside High School

Lori Beckstead, 1999-2000 Girls Softball Championship Picture

Janie Fuller Peterson, 1998 Girls Volleyball Championship Picture

Keith Porter, Cutler Field Aerial Photo

Dee Boyce, Oxford Football Boys Picture

Steve Fuller, Lone Basketball Hoop Photo

Myrna Fuller, Baseball Diamond Photos

Local Community Histories


 All materials from The Preston Citizen and

Westside and Preston High School Yearbook pictures are used by permission.

Glen Nelson

  (From Whitney’s First 100 Years, p. 160)

OSA 1920
Football Squad

Originally from Ferron, Utah, Glen Nelson was the father of Howard D. Nelson of Fairview.  Glen Nelson never lost a match in his career.   He wrestled for the Aggies and was a candidate for the U.S. Olympic Team in 1936 for the German Olympics that made Jessie Owens a star.  Unfortunately, Nelson was not able to raise the money to travel to Germany.

Football, 1938

Dayton – Football and basketball were not popular because no one knew how to play those games and no one owned a football or a basketball.  Baseball was played by nearly every boy and there was room on the school grounds for several undersized diamonds.   Almost every community had a baseball team that would c ompete with neighboring community teams.  These ball teams got their early training in elementary school.  Bitter rivalry existed among the town teams and the antagonism was just as great among the elementary school teams.

      Another favorite sport was ice skating.  The best places for skating were the ponds and sloughs on the river bottom near Mendenhalls and Petersens.   The next best place to skate was on highway 91.  There was very little traffic in the 1920s, especially in winter; never a snowplow and most local traffic was horse-drawn bobsleighs.  After each snowstorm, what traffic there was soon had the road surface snow-packed and slick.  This made a very bumpy but slick skating rink and was used by many young people during the winter months.  (The Hills of Home, A History of Dayton, D and Cleone Dalley, p. 61)

Front page news, Franklin County Citizen, February, 1933

1916-17 Oneida Stake Academy Soccer Team