About Franklin County Historical Society

The current Franklin County Historical Society has been active since 2015. Formed and financed by the Franklin County Commissioners. the society's primary aim is to connect people in Franklin County with their heritage. The original society board consisted of seven members - all volunteers - Debra Baldwin, Grant Moses, Steve Fuller, Myrna Fuller, Susan Hawkes, Clair Davis, and Elliott Larsen. Subsequent board members include Alexis Beckstead, Claudia Erickson, Julie Waldron and Jeff Olsen.

The first thing the society did was invent itself and create its reasons for existing. These goals are listed in the Mission Statement. The first two years were spent working on this website, which will be a resource of information on local history. The website will always be a work in progress; we add new things as they are readied. The third year the society published a brochure that shows where historical sites are, and showcases some of the famous people who were products of Franklin County. These are placed throughout the county. The society focused on outreach to local schools the fourth year, and developed three traveling trunks that serve as a field trip in a box that 4th grade teachers can check out and use in class. In 2020, the board developed a summer passport program of activities for young people and their families. Future goals include refurbishing the display cases in the county courthouse. The society also sponsors two speakers per year (in March and November) who educate the public on topics of local interest. These have been very well attended.